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February 18-21, 2016

This intensive gives you the opportunity to approach your work as an actor and improviser in a different way. You get to really focus on yourself and your work, without distractions.

This is a course for those who want to evolve as actors and improvisers. Expect direct and individual feedback from experienced teachers in improvisational theater and ensemble work. We will approach the concepts of stage presence, audience interaction, and the joy of performing in new and powerful ways.

  • learn tools to improve your group work
  • improvise sincerely and credibly
  • play people, not stereotypes
  • bring out the best in your teammates
  • focus your attention and mental effort on what really matters
  • Start Date: February 18, 2016
  • End Date: February 21, 2016
  • Price: € 399 (3900 SEK for Swedish residents). Does not include travel and accommodation.
  • Feel free to contact us! Email info@improbootcamp.se or call +46-706 824929 (Peter).

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In this four day intensive, we pracitce ensemble work and improvisational techniques.

In ensemble work we focus on trust, playfulness, and paying attention to each other. Some principles of good ensemble work, that we teach:

  • to be present from the body and in,
  • to make it real and make it important,
  • to be physically and mentally prepared for anything to happen, on stage and off, and
  • to play the game, to affirm and support your teammate's offers.

Acting training at Improbootcamp is based on improvisational theater. We focus on acting truthfully under imaginary circumstances. We practice getting out of our heads and into the on-stage relationships that the scene really is about. Some principles for this:

  • to really listen and let yourself be affected by your scene partner and the fictional circumstances of the scene,
  • to focus on something other than yourself and to act truthfully, without pretending or faking, and
  • to get out of your head, follow your impulses, and never intellectualize your work.

Get out of your head, and learn to truly improvise!

Marcus Gustafsson

Marcus Gustafsson is an actor and instructor, trained at Ecole Philippe Gauliérs in Paris, among other places. He teaches acting at Performing Arts School in Gothenburg. He has written, directed, and performed in shows at Liseberg for seven years. Marcus was awarded Best male performer by IAAPA in 2007. He has a background as a producer at Folkteatern i Göteborg, and as project manager for Cities on Stage.  

Peter Nordstrand

Peter Nordstrand is an actor, teacher and director, active in Gothenburg. He is the producing artistic director of Göteborgs improfestival. He has trained professional actors and performers in improvisational techniques on behalf of Trappan and the Public Employment Service in Sweden. He was the founder of Improskolan, and has worked as a teacher and course director at Improverket in Gothenburg. Peter had his first encounter with improvisational theater in 1988. Peter currently hosts his own weekly show ”Scentid”, where he invites musicians, stand up comedians, improvisers, and other performers.

Joel Zandén

Joel Zandén is an actor, writer, and instructor, trained at Gauliérs in Paris. He has written, directed, and performed in shows at Liseberg for five years. Joel works as a teacher in improv theater, and has trained the Entertainment Department at Liseberg.

Thursday: A Flying Start

The workshop begins at 1:00 pm. After a brief introduction, you will be introduced to the principles of vivid eyes, and anything can happen. We begin to work with improvised scenes, and you get your first personal feedback. In the evening, we have dinner together at a nice local establishment (not included in price).

Friday: Playfulness and Togetherness

We continue to work with the basic principles of successful ensemble work. A new term is introduced: Playfulness. We keep working on improvised scenes, where we train ourselves to focus on our scene partners, to improvise together rather than brain storming by our selves.

Saturday: Focusing on You

On Saturday you will receive individual challenges, based on the feedback from the instructors’. You will also explore the use of your physicality as means of expression; to use your body instead of your voice.

Sunday: Tying Things Together

On Sunday, it is time to connect the dots. We will tie together what you have learned into a meaningful whole, and reflect on how to move forward from here. You will put your skills into practice, with active supervision from the instructors. The workshop ends at 4:00 pm. 

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